what we do

Aayush Impex(Ai) is a Fresh Fruit Importing firm with its Head office based in APMC fruit market, Navi Mumbai, INDIA and its branch office in Delhi, INDIA supplying fruits all over the nation. Ai imports all types of fresh produce of the highest quality fruit produced, throughout the year. Ai is the 4th generation in the fruit business since the year 1965 starting as a local fruit trading firm Jhulelal Fruits later, selling imported fruits from year 2000 and further starting our own imports from the year 2001 under the name Aayush Impex in INDIA ,thereon working with various companies in the world.


Mr. Kalumal Sachdev, founder of Jhulelal fruits (Grandfather of Mr sunil sachdev) started local fruit trading under the company name JhulelalFruits.Jhulelal fruits used to sell the highest quality fruits of the farmers from all over the nation in themetro city Mumbai. Apples being the main product also doing pears, plums, peaches cherries, mangoes varying on season..

Mr Jethanand Sachdev (Father of Mr.Sunil Sachdev) joined the company also starting a retail outlet in Mumbai.

Mr Sunil Sachdev being the third generation now also joined the fruit business further expanding the business adding more growers to the company and also expanding the sales network.

Later from the year 2000 we started selling imported fruits.An exporter from south Africa chooses jhulelal fruits as their distributor for selling Pears and Apples into Indian market which was a very successful trade practice in the Indian market.

And after a successful journey we further decided to start our own imports from the year 2001 under the name Aayush Impex in India, thereon working with various leading companies in world.

Aayush Impex inaugurates its own branch office in New Delhi creating a stronger distribution network for northern part of INDIA.

Aayush Impex is supplying Superior Quality Fresh Fruits through out the Nation all year serving health across India.